Teachers use words. Wayne LaPierre uses guns. Taft Union High School Loses.

11 Jan

As California comes to terms with yet another pointless schoolchild shooting, the NRA’s website is still hopelessly out of date.

Hours after the shooting of a teenager at Taft High School near Bakersfield, California, USA, the National Rifle Association’s website still leads with the news that it has a membership made up of four million “moms, dads, daughters and sons.

If they don’t adjust their figures, one might be excused for believing that the NRA are killing the rest of America who do not have membership.

Maybe, someone in the NRA should wake up Wayne LaPierre and get him to say something new on his website. After all, he is the voice of the NRA who sees nothing wrong around him.

It is a very American debate. The rest of the world can only watch while Americans decide who or what is going wrong with their constitution or their way of life.

The rest of the world may not become involved in this debate. This is an argument that is going on in a next-door neighbour’s house. It sounds bad, but it isn’t yet time to call the cops. Maybe, they can sort it out with words. Besides, the cops have guns.

The rest of the world can only form its own opinions, based on the facts, and judge.

Time after time, the rest of the world listens like doubtful neighbours while America trusts the intelligent argument of teachers to defend innocent children against incoherent gunmen.

Time after time, killers with shotguns kill innocent children as the words of Wayne ring in their ears as justification.

Wayne is really heavily involved in his gun club.

The rest of the world isn’t and it doesn’t care too much for Wayne’s bleating about freedom.

Freedom doesn’t carry a gun. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that it does.

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