British Royal Wedding souvenirs “made in Chinese sweatshops” -BBC Radio 4

23 May

“Hey, Mister – wanna buy a dish cloth…?”

On 18th May 2012, at 02:21 GMT, the BBC Radio 4 World Service announced that many souvenirs for the recent Royal Wedding had been made in sweat-shops in China. Young Kate Middleton knows a bargain when she sees one.

The more you think about this amazing fact, the sadder and more strangely disconnected from reality the Royal Family appear to be.

I mean, these are not the counterfeit goods – these are the official souvenirs. The souvenirs that have been commissioned, sourced and approved by the Royal Family.

I have waited a few days to see if this news item was repeated by the BBC but, as is often the case, it has been ‘spiked’  – no doubt under pressure from Buckingham Palace who have their hands full trying to organize the celebrations for the Queen’s Birthday which is coming up shortly.

Now, you don’t suppose that Buckingham Palace awarded the contracts for  manufacturing these “Happy Birthday” souvenirs to the same eager applicants, do you…?

Would the Palace care to comment on this issue?

2 Responses to “British Royal Wedding souvenirs “made in Chinese sweatshops” -BBC Radio 4”

  1. Thomas May 23, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

    It don’t matter if its the palace or a fish n’ chip shop in Slough. They go by price. On paper its a great deal. 10 items made in China for the same price as 1 made in UK. Time is money, Cash is King! Put up a nice curtain so we cant see the sweatshops or the industrial sites where the workers live in the factory. Where the factory’s closes down and moves without even telling the workers. The old mom ‘n pop shops that we remember is soon a faded memory on a postcard. Time is money, Cash is King! Supermarkets with an excess of items, with low prices. Buy 10 slippers and get 5 extra.

    Are you sure you are missing the things you don’t need?

    • roadwax May 23, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

      Good points!
      I just cannot believe that there is NOBODY in Britain who makes souvenir items at a price that would still allow Buckingham Palace to make a profit. If the Royal Family wish to MAXIMIZE their profit margin by buying from China, I fear that they should have the decency to admit this disgraceful fact.
      The Royal Family is financially supported by British businesses and tax-payers. I feel they deserve better.

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