Obama Wins Second Term. World Breathes Out.

7 Nov

Good cat wins. Bad cat loses. That’s how we cats like it.

For us British, the US Presidential election results are revealed between midnight and 6am.

Thoroughly frustrating. Traditional as Halloween, yes, but also maddening.

It is like being forced to watch a five hour presentation of your friend’s holiday pictures when all you really want to see is the bit where they lost control of their rental car and drowned it in the drainage lake beside the airport as they were returning it.

I waited up until the first states called their results and then went to bed. I couldn’t stand the mental agony of listening to the BBC anchor man asking “So, what does this really mean…?” another 48 times.

Five hours of sleep put me in a curious position. I didn’t want to get up. If I got up then the Republicans might be in power. If I stayed in bed, Obama was still ruling America.
As I lay and stared at the ceiling, I remembered another chilling thought from the previous night. One of the commentators had expressed the view that for decades, America had been driving relentlessly onward to the extreme right.
This theory would be proved correct if Obama now was kicked out and the journey towards fascism was continued after a four year accidental blip.
I stayed in bed some more.
Then, I remembered the white British anchorman asking his chatty multicultural American table guests if it may be a case of “…Americans being tired of the black man in the White House…”.
His chatty American guests weren’t ready for that one. You don’t mention that in America. The chatty American guests had been set up. They squirmed. Slam dunk. Answer that one. You’re getting paid, aren’t you…?
In the whole reportage of the American elections by American reporters, you never heard a single reference to the seething indignation felt by right wing white Americans that there was a black man in the White House.
You used to.
You heard it in the run-up to the previous election. You heard it on Obama’s winning night. You heard it at his inauguration speech. You heard it fade away, once the white racists realised that a black man really was in the White House and there was nothing that could be done.
The white racists’ only hope was to get Obama out of office four years later and have him suffer the indignation of being a “One Term President”. Forgotten as a freak of historical detail.
I leaped out of bed and rushed to switch the TV on.
Obama was thanking America and telling Americans how great they were as a nation. His voice croaked as he pushed it for one last time after weeks and weeks of speeches. I almost cried.
And it was true, what Obama was saying. They are great as a nation.
As a nation, they had seen through that grotesque caricature of an Uber-right-wing politician, Mitt Romney. They had voted instead for Obama, the guy who was born to engage with people and embrace politics. Romney, on the other hand, was born only to employ people and play politics with them. He never hid it. He couldn’t.
Noble (through gritted teeth) in defeat, he nevertheless chilled the blood of anyone who understands the dreadful damage that George W. Bush caused the reputation of the American people outside America. Rich white kids who have shares in arms companies are very out of fashion, right now.
Mitt Romney could never shake off the suspicion in most people’s minds that he had come out of the cinema after seeing The Matrix and turned to his P.A. and said: “Find out how much it would cost us to build a machine like that and have the report on my desk tomorrow morning.”
Removing Obama and replacing him with Romney would have been a PR catastrophe for America. 
The good guy won today.

5 Responses to “Obama Wins Second Term. World Breathes Out.”

  1. Linda Vernon November 13, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    I think this is the best thing I’ve read about the whole election process leading up to, including and after! The Republicans have become self-serving, pompous, ninny-headed narcissists with bad facelifts and goofy toupees! Mitt Romney was just a younger version of George Bush — one who hasn’t been in the refrigerator long enough to become visibly moldy.

    • roadwax November 14, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

      Thank you so much, Linda. Yes – as Eastern and Western European countries enter a period of political and economic melt-down, the popular vote is heavily with Obama. Irrelevant, since the US election does not involve us, but indicative of the real beliefs we hold that America is historically at its finest when it looks outward and not inward. Romney’s recent visit to Europe revealed him to be oddly unfamiliar with us. His off-hand insults and diplomatic errors showed his limited grasp of world affairs. Odd, when one considers the many US fighter and bomber command stations that cover western European countries, paid for by US citizens’ tax dollars.

      • Linda Vernon November 16, 2012 at 8:24 pm #

        Well I love your take on it Roadwax. We are pretty indoctrinated by our news. It’s hard to separate what’s real from what’s being “fed” to us by one side or the other. That’s why it’s so interesting to hear your your perspective. It sounds like Romney came across as a complete rube — which, of course, is basically what he is when it comes to foreign affairs! It’s like he’s hardly ever been out of Utah!

        • roadwax November 19, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

          Well thanks again, Linda. And I’m not for a moment pretending that any European leader (or myself, for that matter) is an expert adviser when it comes to US politics.
          However, the old saying: “When America sneezes, Britain catches a cold.” is still relevant today. Although Obama may have his faults, he calms world fears and moderates opinion with skill.
          He is quite possibly a “Sunday School drop-out”, like the rest of us!

          • Linda Vernon November 20, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

            Well I truly am glad he has that affect. I’ve never heard when America sneezes Britain catches a cold! HA! And if Obama is a Sunday School drop out, I just hope Reverend Wright never finds out about it! 😀

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