Texas attorney general Greg Abbott kisses his political future goodbye.

25 Oct

Every now and then, one person’s act of enchanted stupidity  saves the lives of others.

So it has happened that Greg Abbott, the attorney general of Texas, has threatened to arrest monitors observing the US elections.



President Obama is in for a second term.

While the rest of Planet Earth is still recovering from the braying donkey voice of Dubya Bush shouting “Freem and moxy!” while pumping war, one perfectly stupid attorney general still threatens the freedom of the United States by banning monitors from invigilating at public elections in Texas. His friend Connie Mack summed Abbott’s views up perfectly with:

“…The United Nations should be kicked off of American soil once and for all. And the American people should demand that the United Nations be stopped from ‘monitoring’ American elections…”

Greg Abbott’s ideas could just as easily have been spoken instead by Osama Bin Laden.

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